Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whoa is me!

So she's back.  And this morning, she told me that I'm "getting ahead of myself".  Just how EXACTLY am I doing that, since I am clearly a self-contained entity and all of my parts move together, just like they should?  How could I get ahead of myself, I ask you???

I think the FM thinks my weekend spent with the FD somehow led me astray.  How silly is that?  We spent the whole weekend working outside, doing mechanical stuff and driving the tractors around.  Then we went inside to watch some football and then we went outside again to PLAY some football!  I am an excellent tackle, and the FD and I spent lots of time rolling around in the grass and leaves.  I was slithering around on my back with my legs up in the air, and he was tickling my belly.  We had so much fun! 

I think maybe it has something to do with my little teeny tiny mistake this morning.   I was a very good boy and kept my coat on when I was outside.  After all, I'm not stupid, and it was drizzling.  So the mom was very pleased when she came to get me.  I was so happy that she was happy that I decided to show her my new athletic moves.  I gave her a couple of good pushes and a feint or two, then ran off in a zigzag pattern so she couldn't catch me.  Just before I got to the door I scored a touchdown.  It was awesome.  That was when she crashed into me and fell down in the wet grass.  But I really wasn't ahead of myself - I was mostly ahead of her, until I was on top of her, but that was only to check and make sure she was OK.  I think maybe she's just confused.

Just in case, though, I was very well behaved when we went on our long walk this afternoon and I showed the FM what beautiful leash-walking manners I have.  I never pulled even once, and I marched right along at whatever pace she set.  I was perfect.   I never got ahead of her, so I never got ahead of myself, so I think everything must be OK now.

Just in case, I plan to work some on the deportment aspect of things.  By the way, did you know that "deportes" is Spanish for "sports" - so maybe she's just got a semantics issue and she's really planning for me to be a professional athlete.  I hope so - that sounds like fun!

Maybe my new dad will be young and will like to play with me.  Now that I'm feeling better and can see, I really enjoy zooming around!

Hasta manana!
Magoo (who is now considering taking Spanish lessons)

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