Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maybe I really AM an Alien!

I thought NJ and VA were in the same country, but maybe I'm wrong.  I think the FM must be speaking a different language, since today she told me that I'm "carried away with myself"!   What's that supposed to mean????  Like, I could possibly be carried away WITHOUT myself?  First "ahead of myself", now I'm with myself, and being carried on top of it all!  Hard to imagine, especially now that I've gained so much weight.  I think I'd probably need to be fork-lifted away with myself (as opposed to without myself - duh), so clearly she is confused.   Sometimes I watch Jersey Shore on TV, and I sure hope my FM isn't related to Snookie - it's scary - she's starting to make about as much sense. 

So how did this discussion come about?  Well, everybody knows that I am obsessed with doors and cubbyholes and the like.  I love my toys, but they're a thousand times more interesting if I can pluck them from the bin with the door that's inside the closet.  I just about lose my mind when I'm allowed to get new, clean toys out of there.  Today, I discovered another closet!  I didn't know it was there - and inside is a big plastic bin, and some cabinets, and then a HUGE pile of blankets and beds and stuff.  Naturally, I felt that they all needed some further examination, so I dragged a few to my lair (that would be my crate) and then I put some on the couch.  I wasn't sure what to do with them all after that, so I just snuffled around, and pawed at them a little bit, and draped them artistically around the room.  Who knew that she'd be back before I had a chance to fold them up and put them away?  Not me!  And that's when she said I was carried away with myself. 

"Magoo, what are you doing?"  "Magoo, did you have to drag everything around?"  "Magoo,  you drooled on everything!"  Well, what did she think - that I could just carry them delicately in my little hands? Maybe I was supposed to levitate them or something.  Geez - I was just looking.   Maybe there was something in there that I wanted for my room, right? 

Anyway, we were supposed to go to the Post Office today, and that didn't happen. I hope it wasn't because I took stuff out of the closet - maybe it's just that the FM got busy and we'll be able to go tomorrow.   She said something about getting things ready for a rescue fundraiser on Saturday so maybe that's what kept her so busy all day.  I hope we can go tomorrow so I can see my friends. 

Here are some photos of me on my couch, with some of my favorite toys.  This was just before I had my two pieces of American cheese and said good night to everyone.

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  1. Who's that incredibly handsome fellow in the photos? The one with the sparkling personality? You know...the one with the big hairy chest? You lucky dog - you ended up in the best possible foster dog house!