Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gooble, Gooble, Gooble

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!!!

I bet I have the MOST to be thankful for of anybody we know.  I get to have my first ever holiday feast (I can't wait to try the stuffing and sweet potatoes - YUM) and then in just about 36 hours, I get to go to a REAL HOME with real parents who'll love me and take me places and feed me and take care of me.  I won't ever be cold or hungry or uncomfortable again, and I think I'll have a last name, too.  If that's not the most to be thankful for, I don't now what is!



  1. Hi,how old is Magoo ? We have a 14 month old Female and are looking for a companion for her. or Barbara Holch on Facebook

  2. Hello Magoo and Happy Thanksgiving. Hope all works out tomorrow. Try to get some pics before you go and do a quick note letting us know how you made out. You know, if your going to adopt them or not.

    Take care, Jim

    PS You got the number so use it if you need it.