Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turkey Countdown

First off, thanks "Anonymous" for the comment!  As you know, I adore getting comments, and it's great when my friends notice how hairy I'm getting to be!  I love it.

So, the big day is less than a week away, and (drum roll, please) - I will have the MOST to be thankful for (even beyond the turkey and stuffing).  I have a family!  Well, at least I hope I do!

I have parents coming to meet me next Friday and I can't imagine that they'll leave for home without me.  My FM has been dropping little hints for the last few days so I could get used to the idea.  I've had so many things to face in the last few weeks that she was afraid another move might push me over the edge.  But, I'm a very resilient character and the prospect of having my own house and my own family to take care of is more than I could ever have hoped for.

The FM said I can take whatever I want along with me so that I have familiar things, so I'm starting to compile my list.   She said we might need a U-Haul by the time I'm finished! And she also said that I can't take the couch - she promised that they actually have couches in other houses too. I'd never seen one before, so I thought this might be the only one.  What a relief!

So next Thursday, when everybody is having turkey and being all thankful and stuff, just remember that the very next day might be the biggest day of my whole life!  Say a prayer, light candles, howl at the moon (that's my favorite) - whatever it takes to help me get to my new home on Friday.

I promise, promise, promise to be the very best boy.   I'm going to take a bath and comb my hair and be all sparkly when they come to meet me.   I'm going to share my toys and, if they want, my new parents can even have some of my lunch.

Off to start making up my list.  I don't want to forget anything.....


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  1. Hey Magoo, It's me again - no-name-is us! I had to type this myself cause mom says no more wirint to you cause Gabe (he looks somethin like you) is the jailous sort and won't put up with it. Hey, I was rescooed too! I jes know the new folks are gonna take you home with them. Who wouldn't??? The Grate Spirit is watching over you now. Gotta go, the mom's coming.