Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Just when I think life is all good, don't I get a reality check.  This morning, I was betrayed by my cream cheese. 

I was eating my breakfast (kibble, a little bit of cottage cheese - not too much - some chunky canned food, several pieces of Sam's chicken jerky, and - ugh - the cream cheese) and I discovered the horrible truth.  Inside my cream cheese were three disgusting pills - smelly, horrible tasting and GREEN.  I panicked, and somehow upset my bowl, and there I was, trapped in my crate, with a ball of cream cheese and kibble and jerky pieces stuck to my foot  and the poisonous pills were still in there, and now they were attached to me!  It got all over my fresh sheets, and stuck in between my toes.  It was really awful, and nobody knew what happened for days (well, hours, I guess) until somebody came down to take me out at lunchtime. 

I fled out to my field where I knew I'd be safe.  I stayed out there while The Mom cleaned everything up and changed my bed - again.  I'm really lucky because I have two mattresses now, so that every morning I get a fresh one and the cover and all my blankets get washed, and then the mattress gets to go outside in the sunshine for a few hours.  So even though I was only outside for a little while, I came in to a nice fresh crate.  The floor was washed, and there was no evidence anywhere of the dreaded cream cheese.  I even avoided another shower - I just got a sponge bath and then I got to play with my toys.

I discovered something new today - TUG!  I've never played that before and I had a lot of fun.  When I got tired of that, I took ELEVEN toys out of the toy basket and since it was getting a little crowded in my crate, I hid some of them behind a chair.   One of them is a Halloween witch that cackles and screams and I really enjoyed that - I never made her scream before today, but once I figured out how to do it, I made her screech over and over again.  It was the best afternoon!

Later in the day, we got a phone call from my new friend Joe.  I got to talk to him a little bit over the phone - he likes my voice a lot, I could tell.  The whole conversation was about me (well, isn't everything????) and my likes and dislikes and the improvement in my vision and hearing and especially my skin.  The Mom mentioned that I might really be a redhead, or at least a red fawn, because in the sunshine, she could see that my new hair is growing in a beautiful shade of autumn red.  I bet I'll be looking pretty spiffy by the holidays - I hope I get invited somewhere for Thanksgiving dinner.  As long as they're not serving any cream cheese!

Good Night, Everybody!

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