Monday, November 15, 2010


Did everybody miss me?  I've been SO busy the last few days since the FM had to go out of town and that left just the FD and me to keep everything under control here.  Whew - it's a LOT of work for just two guys on their own.  The FD is really lucky though, because just imagine how difficult it would have been if I hadn't been here.  He might have collapsed from exhaustion.

All in all, it's been an exciting time of discovery for me.  I've decided to come out of the closet - I AM   NUDIST!!!!  I think I must have just been jollying the FM along with all the garment choices because when it came down to just us men here, I wasn't going to cooperate.  The FD said it was something like wrestling an alligator to get me into my coat and - POOF - I had it off in a flash when he finally did get it on.  After three days of struggling he decided to let me be free, and I've been going commando ever since.  The crabby old mom is back now though, and I bet she'll make me wear it if it's cold out.  She doesn't seem to get it that I'm very manly now and have lots of hair so I guess I'll be back to wearing a coat even though I don't really feel like it - she treats me like a baby, but it makes her happy to fuss over me, so I let her. 

We had so many important things to do over the weekend - we worked outside picked up every single leaf we could find, and doing lots of raking.  I've decided to go along with their plan to de-leaf the universe since it seems to make them happy, and the work goes so much faster when I help.  The generator service man was here today and I helped him too - I love being useful, and I always take every opportunity to tell people about Bullmastiff Rescue and the wonderful work they do.  I think I'm a really good ambassador for the breed, and I always have lots of anecdotes to share.

Here are some pictures of me out helping the FD over the weekend.  You can see that he REALLY needed my help fixing the tractor.  I was passing him tools and helping him hold up that big thing that vacuums up the leaves.  Good thing I was here to offer my mechanical expertise.  And look what a good job we did - just one tiny old leaf in that first picture!

Counting down the days to Thanksgiving.....I can hardly wait.  


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