Friday, November 26, 2010

Live, from MA - It's Friday Night!

Well, as expected, my new parents came and they just love me! But honestly, who wouldn't? As my FM said, I certainly helped to drive and navigate home, it would have been easier though if they had let me crawl in the front seat like a tried a few times. When we finally got to my new home it was great! I snuffed and snorted around making sure I knew where everything was. Then we had dinner and I scarfed mine down and even ate all my medicine too.

It has been a long day, so I am going to bed early and promise to do a whole lot of snoring (I took a nap and they say I snore exactly like a human, they must be crazy!)

I will try and write about my exciting new life, but I'm sure it will be filled with so much fun that I will forget occasionally.

Love Magoo

(and, note from the FM - he's sleeping on his new lion!)

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