Monday, November 1, 2010

Takin' it to the Street!

From October 29

Well, fall is here!  I could tell because it was quite chilly when I went out this morning - good thing I have a new home now and i don't have to worry about freezing to death.  I got to wear my "medium weight" jacket when I was outside today - just enough to keep me warm and toasty even though it was pretty raw out there with the wind and all. 

I was hoping to have a ride today, but my foster mom had a migraine and we had to stay home.  Boo, hiss.  Maybe tomorrow. 

Some men came in a really cool truck to service the water treatment thing that's in a closet near my room.   I was a wonderful host, and welcomed them into my home, showed them several of my favorite toys, and I even shared my drink with them both.  It was a little hard to ferry those mouthfuls of water out of my bowl and over to them, but I managed.  They were VERY grateful - they said all that hard work made them parched.  They were especially appreciative of my efforts to make them feel like part of my family, and they were both shocked when the discovered that I am partially blind.  We had a nice chat.  One of them has a Golden Retriever (she's a girl, so I didn't mind hearing about her) who turned FIFTEEN last week.  I sent my congratulations to her!

Because I was such a thoughtful and helpful guy today, I got to go for a little walk in the road.  I wasn't really keen about going too far, since I was afraid the old broad might get lost (you know how people can be) so I only let her venture down to the corner and back.   We met one of the neighbors in a shiny black SUV (very Soprano-esque) and she called me over to say hello.  I couldn't get too close to the car because The Old One was planted firmly on the side of the road, mumbling about scratching the car.  Harrumph.  My new friend said to just come right on over, so I pulled, and I finally got there and tried to climb in the window.  Her car has some much needed decoration now - I think I did a really nice job of detailing, if I say so myself.  She laughed and giggled, so I think she liked it too.  My foster mom was sort of hiding in the bushes.....

Here's me (of course) out for my walk!

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