Thursday, November 25, 2010

One More Night!

I'm off to bed in a few minutes - I need to get my beauty rest because I think my new parents are coming tomorrow to meet me.  Everybody says that if they meet me, they'll never leave without me.  I hope they're right.....I need a family of my own, even though I know the foster parents will miss me terribly.  They'll probably cry and get all mushy and stuff.  The FD even took tomorrow off from work so that he could be here. 

I have my bags all packed, just in case.  And all the FM's lists (you know her - the List Queen) and instructions are ready to go to.   I haven't told all my toys yet though - I don't want them to be too excited at the prospect of a car trip!  You know how they can be.  And I promise not to keep asking "Are we there yet?"

The FM said she'd take pictures and send an update tomorrow night if I'm not here to do it! 

I hope everybody had a marvelous Thanksgiving.

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  1. Magoo, I am super excited that I am coming to see you tomorrow. I hope that i can get some sleep too, but i am giddy with excitement!! See you tomorrow morning!